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Lions and Lambs - Part 1
WARNING: The following story will involve bullying, feeding and scenes of mild violence. If you find these elements distasteful, you are advised to click away. If you do choose to read this material, please leave a comment if you have the time!
Lions and Lambs - Part 1
Thomas Winters stuffed his hands into his pockets as he walked. Much like every other student, he was dressed in the standard school uniform of a white cotton shirt and grey slacks, with the school tie done loosely around his collar. He was fairly short, even by juniors' standards, and had a mess of uncombed blond hair. Tom looked to his right at his spiky-haired friend beside him, who was not a junior like him, but a senior.
"Hey Bruce, what are you thinking about?" Tom asked, stepping alongside his larger friend down the central school corridor.
The taller of the two glanced sideways at the source of the voice, "I was thinking about how annoying it would be if someone kept asking what I was thinking about," he g
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Llama Herder Extraordinaire
United Kingdom
Hello everyone! 'Tis me, Amy! :aww:

I'm primarily a writer, but I do dabble a bit in drawing when I get the chance (any practice = improvement after all ;D). There are many things that hold my fancy - anything fun, sweet, cute or cuddly, including cuddly boys ^^;

My uploaded deviations is just some stuff I write when I get bored. I do write more serious stuff (you wouldn't believe what genre I write in, even if I told you!), but I do that while collaborating with my boyfriend and he doesn't want to share :XD:

Anyway, since dA is a more of a hobby rather than anything, my deviant life is led by three simple rules: be friendly, be respectful and enjoy yourself! It's art! If you're constantly offended by everything you see, you're definitely doing something wrong!

As always, feel free to drop me a message or a comment if you ever feel like it. I'm always up for getting to know the wider dA world better! :thanks:

Favourite Characters: Sora, Roxas, Ventus (KH Series), Latvia (APH), Leon Geeste (Star Ocean 2), Genis Sage (ToS), Pit (SSBB), Roy, Edward (FE Series), Taro (Disgaea 2), Kirby Olsen (Bully: Canis Canem Edit), Masamune Date, Hanbei Takenaka (Samurai Warriors Series), Lu Xun (Dynasty Warriors Series) - I'm sure there are more, I just can't think of any at the moment :)

Favourite OCs: Tobi (Meringue-Bits), Aenakei (declasseRequiem), Knaw and Scuttle (DragonRider13025)

So yeah! One of my deviations actually got 10 faves! Peanuts for some artists, I'm sure, but this is a mini milestone for me! :happycry:

I need to celebrate this somehow - maybe a quick drawing or something!

Also, for my watchers who are waiting on the next part of Lions and Lambs, I'm sorry it's taking so long! I'm currently in exam month at the moment, so I don't really have that much time for writing. And after doing a whole afternoon of practice essays, coming back home to type up a story is the last thing on my mind - sorry! :crying:

Anyway, a big thank you for sticking with me for this long! Your support is always appreciated! :love:

xx Amy xx

:iconfatlaplz::iconsaysplz:THANK YOU FOR VISITING!



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